What is Ibomma

Ibomma is an open source social networking and free software platform built on the principles of privacy, transparency, and user agency. This article will look into I’m going to, how it operates, and why it distinguishes itself from conventional social networks as an alternative.

Brief History of Ibomma

Launched in late 2021, Ibomma aims to address privacy and data concerns plaguing major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This service was developed by an AI safety startup based in San Francisco known as Anthropic, PBC.

Anthropic developers saw the opportunity of developing a social network that would prioritize confidentiality, being open to its users’ data management. They established ibomma as a platform for people’s own data and more say on how their information should be used.

How does Ibomma work?

There are some key principles that make it different from other social networks:

  • Open source and decentralized – The application has been designed using open web protocols such as ActivityPub which allows users to interact without central control from one company’s servers.
  • Privacy focused: User profiles are not stored on the platform but on the user’s device or server while interactions done on the platform are also end-to-end encrypted for enhanced privacy and security.
  • Transparent data use— Ibomma does not sell user data or be used for ad targeting. It is supported through donations instead of relying on user surveillance.
  • User ownership— Anything created by a user belongs to them including content and interactions. When they move to another service, users can take along their data, profiles and follower graphs with them.
  • Open community—ibomma remains non-profit despite anyone being able to propose new features through its codebase because it depends upon donations.

Some notable features of ibomma include profile pages, following networks, posting/ sharing updates with hashtags; following interests; public/private messaging; configurable privacy controls; migrating content between servers among others.

Why Choose Ibomma Over Other Platforms?

Given increasing loss over privacy information on mainstream networks why will I have become attractive? Here are some reasons why:

1.Data Ownership And Portability

Your follower relationships, posts, contents and even your entire profile can be moved to another platform without the need for permission.

2.Transparency and Control

How ibomma  collects and uses your data is stated explicitly. You have granular privacy controls and decide who can see your updates or messages.

3.Big Tech Surveillance Free

Ibomma does not operate through selling user data, nor does it rely on any kind of user surveillance for profit making. It allows users to have their social experience without worrying about being watched all the time.

4.Open Source And Decentralized Design

By being open source and decentralized, ibomma eliminates issues like unilateral bans and data breaches from a single point of failure. It is also more resilient and less vulnerable to hackers.

5.Strong Focus On AI Safety

The founders are experts in artificial intelligence (AI) technology development with guiding principles such as algorithmic transparency that minimize issues like filter bubbles or unintended social effects in future.

6.Small, Privacy Focused Community

Privacy conscious community members make it the best place where one can share freely without feeling guilty about “over-sharing.” It creates an intimate atmosphere for interactions that may lead to genuine relationships.

Getting Started On Ibomma

It is easy to sign up on ibomma using a comma; below are the steps:

  1. Go to ibomma.com click “Create an Account” and register using an email address or username.
  2. Add a display name, photo, bio, location, and customize privacy settings to complete your profile.
  3. You can look for people to follow by observing at the people’s connection given through groups or based on your interest.
  4. Write an update, upload photos/videos, and add relevant hashtags as you make your first post online.
  5. Like other people’s posts; comment on others’ posts; repost other people’s content and direct message friends.
  6. View public and private messages; check your notifications and follow new accounts.
  7. Explore within users’ area of interest different communities as well as discussion spaces.

Also helpful resources are available in Ibomma community site from tutorials to discussions that help users maximize their experience with the platform. Users can even donate code or money if they want.

Growing Pains And Challenges By Ibomma

There have been challenges considering that Bomba has found early traction as pro-privacy alternative in competing social network:

  • Network Effects has less than popular competitors which may deter new users after critical mass is reached. Different strategies for organic growth must be implemented.
  • Mainstream Awareness – In order to get noticed among heavy marketing from big networks one needs dedicated PR and growth strategy here too.
  • Content Curation – Making sure that interesting conversations occur while maintaining serendipity among the current user base during scaling process of a community is difficult.
  • Technical Complexities – As far as performance goes building a full-blown decentralized app that works for many regular internet users is technically challenging.
  • Funding Model – With donations or perhaps ethical advertisements or premium features but still standing true to its social covenant would sustain continued development endeavors.
  • User Adoption – Changing mental models around ‘free’ entailing ownership, privacy monetization etc., over years of dominant services without charge will require some support for their acceptance by customers themselves into these shifts

Ibomma only hopes so much: methodical community management, product iterations, partnerships with organizations providing complementary services and an engaging value proposition that would allow ibomma to differentiate itself from other players and compete fairly on privacy, empowerment aspects. However, only time will tell if it can scale its operation while staying true to its vision and roadmap.

Future Plans And Roadmap For Ibomma

Developments that can take place with Ibom over the next years according to its launch document and ongoing community discussions are:

  • More enhanced profile options such as badges, highlights, stories and user bios/manifestos.
  • Discovery tools have been expanded – Hashtags pages, search, interests, events, locations.
  • Notifications become more sophisticated through various channels with digest settings.
  • A stronger discovery algorithm avoiding filter bubbles thereby preventing users from getting into one-sided conversations.
  • Embeddable collaborative apps and editor tools.
  • Advance security measures include encrypted push notifications, 2FA among others.
  • Open governance protocols for funding proposals as well as platform decisions.
  • Fleshed out API; embeddable widgets; developer tools.
  • Potential local community and meetup integrations.
  • Other types of hosting models like federation or decentralized apps.
  • Broader multi-platform apps including the likes of browser extensions and desktop clients.

Ibomma is aiming at laying the grounds for a social future that is open, private and transparent. This success will depend on how well they balance between product innovation as well as building a community alongside meeting the privacy-centric users where they are.


The usual debate about data ownership and Internet monopolies has given rise to an interesting experiment called ibomma which defines another approach towards social media. It raises a legitimate philosophical doubt by advocating for transparency decentralization privacy empowerment instead.

Despite the challenges that come with product complexity, scale, and discovery; it is possible for ibomma to succeed by enabling its users to envision new social paradigms where they are in charge of something meaningful. As far as privacy is concerned, it may begin to grow incrementally as a result of commas going forward while existing platforms become less trusted. This young platform’s journey towards an open future makes me happy.

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