Everything Announced at Summer Game Fest Live

One of the most highly anticipated events in the gaming calendar is Summer Game Fest Live, which serves as a platform for developers and publishers to showcase their latest projects, share updates, and surprise fans with unexpected reveals. The event was hosted by Geoff Keighley this year and continued the tradition of thrilling announcements, diverse game trailers, and exciting reveals. Here is a detailed look at everything that was announced in Summer Game Fest Live.


1.Elden Ring: The Shadow of the Erdtree

The much-anticipated update to “Elden Ring” came first. FromSoftware announced a big DLC called “The Shadow of the Erdtree”. This DLC will go deeper into the lore of Lands Between with new zones, challenging bosses and extra story content to flesh out the main narrative. Fans were also treated with breathtaking cinematic trailer featuring a mysterious Erdtree that hints at new challenges awaiting Tarnished.

2.Death Stranding 2

Hideo Kojima made an unexpected appearance teasing ‘Death Stranding 2’. This is a sequel to the critically acclaimed yet polarizing original installment thus promising cutting edge storytelling and gameplay mechanics. In fact, Hideo showed off his reveal trailer which had multiple characters including some old ones returning while introducing others who are not familiar to players before now. Additionally, Kojima Productions pledges to make it an exceptional affair building on previous work’s mechanics as well as world building.



Bethesda Game Studios gave us an extended look at their upcoming sci-fi RPG “Starfield”. They showcased a few minutes’ worth of gameplay demo focusing on an expansive open-world universe complete with planets you can explore, starships you can fly around and mysteries waiting to be solved. Todd Howard talked about its vastness plus how players could shape their journey through space based on his creation’s scale freedom during the presentation. It also discussed character customization options, various planets having dynamic weather systems and an intricate story awaiting players as well.

4.Final Fantasy XVI

There was a new footage of “Final Fantasy XVI” from Square Enix showing its action-packed combat system, rich world-building, and intricate character dynamics. The trailer featured the protagonist Clive Rosfield who takes a journey through the war-torn land of Valisthea in it. With stunning visuals, captivating storyline and improved fighting mechanics, gamers await for this game to be released.

5.Halo Infinite: The Expanse

Another big announcement came in form of 343 Industries’ expansion pack for “Halo Infinite” called “The Expanse”. This additional content aims at expanding outwards into the universe of the game by introducing new multiplayer maps as well as more story missions that detail Master Chief’s ongoing fight against Banished. The expansion looks to take on board user comments and offer much more enriched Halo experience.

6.Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose

A brand-new DLC for “Resident Evil Village” known as “Shadows of Rose” was unveiled by Capcom. This particular expansion is centered around Ethan Winters’ daughter Rose grappling with her unique abilities. They promised even more horror in their haunting cinematic trailer along with deeper story elements and new gameplay mechanics which will ensure players are always on their toes.

7.God of War: Ragnarok – The Journey Continues

Santa Monica Studio showcased new content for “God of War: Ragnarok”. Called “The Journey Continues”, this update gives a glimpse into other lines within stories or side quests etc that further explore Norse mythology for instance.. Additionally, they talked about Kratos And Atreus facing new challenges – bosses mainly – besides developing characters further too while exhibitions were still going on at E3 2021 event

Everything Announced at Summer Game Fest Live
Everything Announced at Summer Game Fest Live

Indie Spotlight

8.Hollow Knight: Silksong

A new gameplay trailer for Team Cherry’s “Hollow Knight: Silksong” was shown at E3. The long-awaited sequel displayed its beautiful hand-drawn world, fast combat and an array of new characters that looked intriguing. The fans of Hollow Knight were thrilled to see the progress of a game and what it brings in particular.

9.Sable: The Lost Isles

An indie expansion called “Sable: The Lost Isles” was presented by Shedworks, makers of the critically acclaimed game “Sable.” This expansion promises additional islands to explore, more side quests, and further character interactions. It is unique art design and soundscape continue to resonate with players.

10.Tunic: Secrets of the Golden Fox

Tunic is another gem in this genre whose latest update is titled as Secrets of the Golden Fox. A few secret dungeons, some brainy puzzles, more storylines about lore are awaiting for you inside this update.The adorable isometric action-adventure title has kept on charming users with its complex aesthetic background and entertaining mechanics.

Surprise Announcements

11.Splinter Cell: Echoes

“Splinter Cell: Echoes” was announced by Ubisoft which took everyone by surprise at E3 2019 . Stealth fans have been clamoring for a new installment for years now; thankfully their prayers were heard! According to the teaser trailer released during E3 2019, Sam Fisher is involved in a brand-new mission that blends classic stealth gameplay with modern mechanics and storytelling.

12.The Witcher: A New Saga

CD Projekt Red revealed that they are working on a new addition to “The Witcher” universe tentatively called “The Witcher: A New Saga”. Although there were not many details given away in the tease itself regarding plot or characters’ background outside Geralt’s adventure; therefore fans can expect other stories in their settings, among them different retention of lore.

13.BioShock: Utopia

2K Games published “BioShock: Utopia” as the latest episode in the much loved series. Undersea utopia will offer an exploration of such themes like society, statehood, and man’s effort to achieve perfection. In particular, the atmospheric trailer hinted that there is a return to roots with the new approach to telling stories.

New IPs and Exciting Debuts

14.Project Orion

A just-formed studio disclosed a new sci-fi game called Project Orion. Players must navigate through political machinations, alien races, and ancient secrets in a galaxy far away from now. It will also show off incredible graphics that have already created a buzz due to its ambitiousness.

15.The Fallen ancestors

Ancestors: The Fallen, a dark fantasy RPG has been introduced by a label of new studio consisting of industry veterans for immersive story driven experience. The game’s debut trailer showcased a world of magic, conflict and ancient secrets, with an emphasis on deep character choices and consequences.

16.Call Ember

Indie Developer introduced “Ember’s Call” as an enchanting new title. A narrative-driven adventure game that features a young protagonist capable of manipulating fire while exploring mystical creatures and ancient ruins this is what the game is all about. This is unique to the game because it blends art style to the other games with its heartfelt story.

VR And AR Innovations

17.Half-Life: Alyx- Return to City 17

Valve announced another expansion for “Half-Life: Alyx” called “Return to City 17.” With new missions, improved graphics and deeper lore, players will be able to return to their beloved city in VR only. It also promises to offer an enhanced immersion and interaction through exploiting VR’s full potential as the technology continues its advancements.

18.Assassin’s Creed VR

“Assassin’s Creed VR,” was revealed by Ubisoft as well as the stealth action for the virtual reality world coveted by many gamers in this legendary brand of gaming. Assassin Parkour VR – Move like nobody else in a fully-immersed environment that allows players to run up walls and jump from roof-top-to-roof-top engaging in combat or performing stealth actions just like real assassins do. Fans were excited about this announcement due to the potentials it held concerning Assassin’s Creed in virtual reality.

Mobile Cross Platform Games

19. Diablo Immortal: The Darkening

Blizzard Entertainment announces major update for Diablo Immortal which is titled “The Darkening.” More zones have been unlocked, more storyline content has been added, more gameplay modifications have been done according player requests among others. Thus, the game is expanding its influence in mobile gaming and promises to deliver the favorite Diablo action RPG experience on the go.

20.Apex Legends Mobile: Rise of the Legends

Respawn Entertainment announced a new season for “Apex Legends Mobile” called “Rise of the Legends.” Furthermore, this update brings in new characters, maps and gameplay modes specifically designed for mobile devices. The game has continued to attract a growing player base and offers an intense competitive battle royale experience.

Closing Highlights

21.The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2

Nintendo provided another trailer for “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.” The most awaited sequel had a glimpse into fresh gameplay mechanics, environments as well as story elements. Link’s exploration into Hyrule’s past history was hinted through this trailer while he meets new threats with his allies and friends but fans were left eagerly awaiting its release due to expectations for more epic adventures.

22.Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

CD Projekt Red made public regarding “Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty” which is their sci-fi RPG major expansion. This was shown by their presentation that included a new trailer, additional plots and improvements on existing characters who would be introduced in relation to its storyline. As it speaks it aims at correcting errors committed before as it attempts to tell a deep narrative with better experiences than what is already existing.

23.Horizon Forbidden West: The Lost Realms

Guerrilla Games concluded by announcing Horizon Forbidden West: The Lost Realms epxansion herbein lies thier acclaimed open-world RPGs.This will have more regions, quests as well as more future developments about Aloy’s journey according to the expansion.The stunning visuals alongside engaging play mechanics continue setting bar high for franchise owned by Guerilla games.


Summer Game Fest Live 2023 was an astonishing illustration of the gaming sector’s inventiveness, originality and aspiration. The function showcased a variety of games ranging from high budget ones to low budget ones. This indicated that the video game universe is diverse and always in motion. There was plenty of news, updates, and surprises for fans to enjoy as they looked forward to a thrilling year ahead in gaming. The upcoming months had something for everyone who enjoys action, adventure, RPGs or VR experiences.

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