Why Buying an Inverter AC is a Wise Investment?

When it comes to buying split AC models, there’s an ongoing debate between inverter AC and conventional air conditioners. Which one is better in terms of savings and investment? From the one-time purchasing cost to maintenance and monthly billing, there’s a lot of expenditure you have to consider for buying an air conditioner. 

Brands like Carrier have designed eco-friendly dual inverter AC models that are energy efficient and automatically adjust the power supply. Keep reading to know why buying inverter ACs is a smart choice these days. 

Comparing Fixed Split ACs with Inverter ACs 

Both inverter and fixed air conditioners are split ACs, but they include some differences. That is- 

  • Fixed Speed ACs

The fixed split ACs are conventional models where the compressor runs at a constant speed. Then, based on the temperature requirement, the compressor runs on and off. For instance, when you set the AC temperature at 17°C, it will stay on until it achieves the said temperature. Even if the room stays cooler at 20°C, for instance, it will run at full power to get 17°C. That’s a waste of electricity.

  • Inverter ACs

The inverter AC models are the latest alternative to save power and electricity. The AC compressor changes speed as per the requirement of the room temperature. The onboard sensor collects data and accordingly adjusts the speed. Therefore, advanced models like the Carrier dual inverter AC are dynamic in terms of speed and cooling. 

How do the Inverter ACs Operate? 

As mentioned earlier, the functioning of the compressor of the inverter ACs is different from the fixed split ACs. These inverter air conditioners use a modern method for room cooling known as Pulse Width Modulation. That is, the PWM technology modulates and takes control of the running time of the compressor.

 Instead of continuously switching on and off, as seen in non-inverter ACs, the PWM system enables the compressor to run at full speed all the time and cool the room efficiently. It helps avoid friction and has a longer life span compared with conventional air conditioner units. 

Why Inverter AC Models are Smart Investments?

The smart features of the inverter AC units will convince any buyer to choose them over fixed air conditioner types. 

  • Swing Compressor 

The compressors of an air conditioner are the salient part and work actively in the cooling mechanism. The compressors of inverter ACs function with reduced friction and vibration. Even in the case of a dual inverter AC, it has a non-swing compressor, preventing gas leakage. 

  • DC Inverter 

When you install DC inverter ACs, the magnets used to generate rotations add to the energy efficiency of up to 30-40%. In addition, the inverter air conditioner comes with copper coils, securing a longer lifespan for the units. Also, the DC motor of the inverter AC makes it energy efficient and reduces the monthly consumption of electricity. 

  • Reduced Noise 

Split ACs are installed in homes or workplaces, ensuring peace of mind. Inverter air conditioners have less noise because the sine waves eliminate the pulsation. So, you can have a cooler, calmer, and more comfortable room environment free from any interruption. 

  • Smart Monitoring 

The AC units have fixed sensors to adjust to the room temperature. These sensors help in the operation of the compressors. In addition, the dual inverter AC models also have smart control features with single-tap mobile app installation. 

  • Better Durability

Every two to three years, the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) gives star ratings to electric appliances like air conditioners to assess their energy efficiency. In this context, the inverter ACs score higher ratings which means better durability than conventional ACs. Besides that, the wear and tear of the compressors is noticeably lesser for inverter air conditioner units adding to the life span of the machines. 

  • Is it possible to save electricity by installing inverter ACs? 

Buyers can save up to 30% of electricity by installing an inverter AC in their rooms. It includes advanced PWM technology. Even though you have to pay one-time purchasing costs the operating charges are reasonably lower.


Thus, as an informed buyer, it’s always wise to invest in inverter AC than in any other conventional air cooling models. The life span of the inverter ACs, as well as the cooling mechanism, is quite impressive. You may have to pay for the higher maintenance, but the operational cost savings and electricity efficiency are also noteworthy.  

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