Los Angeles Dodgers 2024 Schedule And Season Overview

Los Angeles Dodgers 2024 Schedule


  1. April 1-3: vs. San Francisco Giants (Home)
  2. April 5-7: vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (Away)
  3. April 9-11: vs. Colorado Rockies (Away)
  4. April 12-14: vs. San Diego Padres (Home)
  5. April 16-18: vs. Chicago Cubs (Home)
  6. April 19-21: vs. Cincinnati Reds (Away)
  7. April 23-25: vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Away)
  8. April 26-28: vs. Philadelphia Phillies (Home)
  9. April 30-May 2: vs. Atlanta Braves (Home)


  1. May 3-5: vs. New York Mets (Away)
  2. May 7-9: vs. Miami Marlins (Away)
  3. May 10-12: vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Home)
  4. May 14-16: vs. Milwaukee Brewers (Home)
  5. May 17-19: vs. Washington Nationals (Away)
  6. May 21-23: vs. San Francisco Giants (Away)
  7. May 24-26: vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (Home)
  8. May 28-30: vs. Colorado Rockies (Home)
  9. May 31-June 2: vs. San Diego Padres (Away)


  1. June 4-6: vs. Chicago Cubs (Away)
  2. June 7-9: vs. Cincinnati Reds (Home)
  3. June 11-13: vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Home)
  4. June 14-16: vs. Philadelphia Phillies (Away)
  5. June 18-20: vs. Atlanta Braves (Away)
  6. June 21-23: vs. New York Mets (Home)
  7. June 25-27: vs. Miami Marlins (Home)
  8. June 28-30: vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Away)


  1. July 1-3: vs. Milwaukee Brewers (Away)
  2. July 5-7: vs. Washington Nationals (Home)
  3. July 9-11: vs. San Francisco Giants (Home)
  4. July 12-14: vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (Away)
  5. July 16-18: vs. Colorado Rockies (Away)
  6. July 19-21: vs. San Diego Padres (Home)
  7. July 23-25: vs. Chicago Cubs (Home)
  8. July 26-28: vs. Cincinnati Reds (Away)
  9. July 30-August 1: vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Away)


  1. August 2-4: vs. Philadelphia Phillies (Home)
  2. August 6-8: vs. Atlanta Braves (Home)
  3. August 9-11: vs. New York Mets (Away)
  4. August 13-15: vs. Miami Marlins (Away)
  5. August 16-18: vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Home)
  6. August 20-22: vs. Milwaukee Brewers (Home)
  7. August 23-25: vs. Washington Nationals (Away)
  8. August 27-29: vs. San Francisco Giants (Away)
  9. August 30-September 1: vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (Home)


  1. September 3-5: vs. Colorado Rockies (Home)
  2. September 6-8: vs. San Diego Padres (Away)
  3. September 10-12: vs. Chicago Cubs (Away)
  4. September 13-15: vs. Cincinnati Reds (Home)
  5. September 17-19: vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Home)
  6. September 20-22: vs. Philadelphia Phillies (Away)
  7. September 24-26: vs. Atlanta Braves (Away)
  8. September 27-29: vs. New York Mets (Home)

Heading into the 2024 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers are ready to proceed with their quest for greatness in Significant Association Baseball. With a rich history of progress and a program stacked with ability, it is not entirely set in stone for them to recover their spot on the association.


Driven by a blend of prepared veterans and arising stars, the Dodgers boast one of the most imposing lists in the MLB. Whiz outfielder Mookie Betts stays a foundation of the group, known for his excellent cautious abilities and hostile ability. Closer to him, the Dodgers include lasting All-Stars like Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager, shaping a considerable hostile setup.

On the pitching side, the Dodgers exhibit a pivot secured by expert Walker Buehler, whose electric stuff and serious fire make him an awe-inspiring phenomenon on the hill. Upheld by gifted arms like Julio Uras and Tony Gonsolin, the Dodgers’ pitching staff is exceptional at smothering restricting setups.


Assumptions are high for the Dodgers in 2024, as they expect to expand upon their tradition of achievement. With their eyes set on a different Universe Series title, the group’s mantra stays centered around tireless pursuit and unflinching assurance.

Key Matchups:

All through the season, the Dodgers will go head-to-head against furious adversaries and impressive rivals. High-stakes matchups against division rivals like the San Francisco Monsters and the San Diego Padres guarantee extreme contests and energizing minutes on the field. Furthermore, conflicts with enduring forces to be reckoned with, for example, the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros, offer open doors for the Dodgers to declare their strength on a public stage.

Fan Engagement:

As usual, Dodgers fans can anticipate an outright exhilarating and extraordinary involvement with Dodger Arena. from the famous serenades of “We should go Dodgers!” To the stunning perspectives on the Los Angeles horizon, going to a game at Chavez Gorge is something beyond a passive activity—it’s a festival of local area and brotherhood.

Community Impact:

Past the precious stone, the Dodgers stay focused on having a constructive outcome locally. Through different effort programs and magnanimous drives, the group endeavors to elevate and motivate fans both on and off the field.


With an elegant program, steady assurance, and the full help of their enthusiastic fan base, the Los Angeles Dodgers are ready to influence the 2024 MLB season. As they set out on one more excursion loaded up with wins, challenges, and extraordinary minutes, one thing stays certain: the Dodgers are prepared to compose the following part in their celebrated heritage.

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